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Whatever time you have at your disposal, here you can find your own way to celebrate an anniversary with your family or a special occasion. You can also develop your business and organize events, meetings and business courses.

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The history of the Counts of Arco

The noble family who run the county of Arco lived in Palazzo Marchetti, as well; it belonged to the Counts up to the nineteenth century, when the judge Saverio Marchetti bought it. The name of Palazzo Marchetti derives from the church of San Pietro, which is near the building outside the wall of the town, and by the gate, also called of San Pietro.

It was originally the residence of Andrea, forefather of one of the braches of the family of Arco; the crest is divided in four quarters, in two of them two arches are sculpted in the others one arch is sculpted. It was bought in the eighteenth century by the judge Saverio, forefather of the family Marchetti, one of the most important families of the town; Pospero Marchetti, founder of the S.A.T., the Trentino alpine club, was a member of this family.

It was built at the end of the 15th century.

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